At Kixie, we take advantage of our seamless CRM integration as well as the automation power of Zapier to create a powerful missed call alert, so our support team receives an immediate alert via a ticket whenever we get a missed incoming call. Here’s how we set it up, and how you can too. If you are using a different CRM, adjust step one accordingly.

Step One: Setup a Zap Trigger for a “New Activity”, connect your Pipedrive account, and make sure the activity type is a Missed Call, as shown below. If you haven’t yet added the activity types Missed Call and Answered Call to your Pipedrive, you must in order for this to work. See here for how to add these activity types.


Step Two: Set up an “Only continue if” filter, as shown below, so this Zap will only be triggered if it’s a missed incoming call.




Step Three: Send an email (we send ours to so it creates a Zendesk support ticket) wherever you want it to go, and design the subject and body with terms related from the Pipedrive activity itself, as in the example below.




And here’s what it looks like in our support system when we receive this automated missed call alert. From this ticket (or email), I can click into the lead’s Pipedrive contact and call them back with one-click. And thanks to the alert, my response time is improved and I am more likely to make the sale. Voila!





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