LeadShare: Automatic Lead Distribution | Kixie

Incoming phone leads are precious cargo, and you want to make sure they get distributed evenly amongst your sales reps, so they have a sense of being treated fairly and set up to succeed.

But how does a sales manager accomplish this in an automated way? There are plenty of services that charge hundreds of dollars per seat for lead scoring and equitable or variable distribution among your reps.

But for many sales teams, hundreds of dollars per month for this is not budget-friendly enough to be seriously considered.

And that is why LeadShare was created. LeadShare ensures that whoever answers the call moves to the back of the line, so everyone has a fair shot at answering those precious inbound calls, and it’s never about who happens to pick up the fastest. Now everybody’s happy, because their sales numbers are now more a result of effort and skill, not sheer luck or how good they would be at clicking a Jeopardy! […]

Auto-Dialers, Predictive Dialers and Power Dialers: Key Differences | Kixie

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring efficiency to calling your leads, you may have come across Auto-Dialers, Predictive Dialers and Power Dialers.

Are you wondering what the key differences are between them?

Let’s clarify…

Auto-Dialers and Predictive Dialers

In the case of an auto-dialer, the calling system would call out a bunch of phone numbers, one after the other, leaving pre-recorded voicemails in the event of no pick-up, and in the event of a pick-up, connecting the call to an available rep.

A predictive dialer takes it up a notch, and instead of calling a list of numbers in sequence, it calls all those numbers at once. When one of them picks up, it will connect that call to an available rep. These are generally more expensive than auto-dialing solutions.

Both of these dialers will have a brief pause before connecting with the customer and they are meant to call 500+ leads a day. The sales rep has NO […]

7 Best Ways To Follow Up With a Sales Prospect

Following up with a prospect is obviously extremely important, but how to do it correctly and when to follow up with them is an eternal question that all sales people struggle with. I was personally able to close a few of my recent deals as well as our customer’s deals because of consistent and persistent follow up. While this sounds very nice, I’ve also ruined relationships and lost deals due to aggressive follow up.

When to follow up?

I have found that the best time to follow up is right after a prospect has shown some interest. For example, they just opened an email or just logged into our platform for the first time. If this is a cold prospect, the situation gets murkier. I typically recommend a follow up routine based on a cadence over the course of 14-21 days depending on your sales cycle . 

If you cold email someone […]

ProsperWorks CRM Phone Integration with Kixie

Watch this video and in 3 minutes, you will be making the best possible sales calls out of ProsperWorks!

One-Click Calling
Automated ProsperWorks Call Logging
Lifetime Call Recordings inside ProsperWorks
Local Presence Dialing
Voicemail Drop
and more!

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Insightly CRM Phone Integration with Kixie

Watch this video and in 3 minutes, you will be making the best possible sales calls out of Insightly!

One-Click Calling
Automated Insightly Call Logging
Lifetime Call Recordings inside Insightly
Local Presence Dialing
Voicemail Drop
and more!

Sign up for a risk free trial and start making Insightly-integrated calls in 3 minutes.

A Day in the Life of a Closer

It all started the night before….

12-7am: Our closer has been visualizing beating his quota all night in his dreams…

7-8am: Our closer has awoken from his slumber, and since he is a closer, he is qualified to make himself some coffee, according to the old adage:

8-8:30am: Our closer lines up his calls for the day inside his CRM, and aligns his Kixie right beside his chrome browser, ready to drop voicemails, appear as a local number to all his clients, and schedule follow-ups with one click.

830am-Noon: Our closer hammers out calls, each one with only one-click, juicing his connection rate with automatic local presence dialing, and leaving the perfect voicemail every time without ever saying a word. He spends zero time logging calls manually, and whenever he needs more context on a call he’s about to make, he quickly listens to the recording of the previous call inside his CRM.

All in all, he probably […]

Aircall vs Kixie – Sales Dialer Phone Service

Despite the automation revolution, it is undeniable that for most sales organizations, old-school phone calls are still King. Marc Ende, VP of Business Development at SeamlessDocs has said that 90% of his team’s sales are directly preceded by a phone call. Studies have shown that if you call a lead within the first 5 minutes of them expressing interest you can increase your likelihood of connecting with that lead by 900%. 

How does somebody track this call data to ensure that their sales team is reaching out to leads correctly? Well, with the rise of phone systems that allow you to track call data directly into the CRM, it has never been easier. Today we are going to run through Kixie and Aircall, two products that integrate call data directly inside of your CRM.

Both of these services provide you with the ability to make calls via voice-over IP, integrate call data […]

Contactually Click to Call Dialer Integration | Kixie

Kixie is pleased to say that we now offer our seamless voice integration with Contactually CRM as well! If your sales team already uses Contactually or plans to, then they will instantly increase productivity with our sales productivity software and phone service.  Your sales reps can now make HD quality calls while tracking that information seamlessly inside Contactually.
1. Click to call right from Contactually with our Kixie Phone Call Integration  
When clicked, Kixie pulls up a window, auto logs call, length of call, recording of call. From there, a sales user can quickly add a call disposition, notes, and even schedule new activities such as a future call.


2. Automatically creates and buckets new phone call leads
Kixie will automatically create names of people (through our enhanced caller ID system) that are not in Contactually in a new bucket called, “New Phone Leads.” So if you are dialing numbers and there’s no match of that number, […]

Zoho CRM PhoneBridge Phone Service Integration | Kixie

Watch this video and in 3 minutes, you will be making the best possible sales calls out of Zoho CRM and Kixie with our Phone Bridge integration!

Get phone numbers and make calls to 40+ countries
The ultimate sales dialer for Zoho CRM
PowerList Dialing
Automated Logging
Local Presence Dialing
Call Coaching
Voicemail Drop
and more!

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Kixie LeadCaller

With Kixie’s LeadCaller, you can achieve an instant callback to your new website leads, and strike while the iron is hot.
Here’s how Kixie’s LeadCaller works:

A customer submits their contact info (including phone number) in your web contact form

The form submission triggers a call to your sales reps (or whoever you want handling these calls)

The sales rep who answers is connected with an outgoing call to the website lead’s number. If nobody answers, nothing happens.

Your new lead will no doubt be very impressed with the quick callback!

To inquire further about Kixie and LeadCaller, please call 424-800-3332.

And don’t forget to sign up for your free 7-day trial of Kixie, no CC required, right here.