Aircall vs Kixie – Sales Dialer Phone Service

Despite the automation revolution, it is undeniable that for most sales organizations, old-school phone calls are still King. Marc Ende, VP of Business Development at SeamlessDocs has said that 90% of his team’s sales are directly preceded by a phone call. Studies have shown that if you call a lead within the first 5 minutes of them expressing interest you can increase your likelihood of connecting with that lead by 900%. 

How does somebody track this call data to ensure that their sales team is reaching out to leads correctly? Well, with the rise of phone systems that allow you to track call data directly into the CRM, it has never been easier. Today we are going to run through Kixie and Aircall, two products that integrate call data directly inside of your CRM.

Both of these services provide you with the ability to make calls via voice-over IP, integrate call data […]

Contactually Click to Call Dialer Integration | Kixie

Kixie is pleased to say that we now offer our seamless voice integration with Contactually CRM as well! If your sales team already uses Contactually or plans to, then they will instantly increase productivity with our sales productivity software and phone service.  Your sales reps can now make HD quality calls while tracking that information seamlessly inside Contactually.
1. Click to call right from Contactually with our Kixie Phone Call Integration  
When clicked, Kixie pulls up a window, auto logs call, length of call, recording of call. From there, a sales user can quickly add a call disposition, notes, and even schedule new activities such as a future call.


2. Automatically creates and buckets new phone call leads
Kixie will automatically create names of people (through our enhanced caller ID system) that are not in Contactually in a new bucket called, “New Phone Leads.” So if you are dialing numbers and there’s no match of that number, […]

Zoho CRM PhoneBridge Phone Service Integration | Kixie

Watch this video and in 3 minutes, you will be making the best possible sales calls out of Zoho CRM and Kixie with our Phone Bridge integration!

Get phone numbers and make calls to 40+ countries
The ultimate sales dialer for Zoho CRM
PowerList Dialing
Automated Logging
Local Presence Dialing
Call Coaching
Voicemail Drop
and more!

Sign up for a risk free trial and start making Zoho CRM integrated calls in 3 minutes.

Kixie LeadCaller

With Kixie’s LeadCaller, you can achieve an instant callback to your new website leads, and strike while the iron is hot.
Here’s how Kixie’s LeadCaller works:

A customer submits their contact info (including phone number) in your web contact form

The form submission triggers a call to your sales reps (or whoever you want handling these calls)

The sales rep who answers is connected with an outgoing call to the website lead’s number. If nobody answers, nothing happens.

Your new lead will no doubt be very impressed with the quick callback!

To inquire further about Kixie and LeadCaller, please call 424-800-3332.

And don’t forget to sign up for your free 7-day trial of Kixie, no CC required, right here.

The Ultimate Sales Dialer: Kixie’s Enterprise Plan Features

Kixie’s Enterprise plan really takes your sales dialer to the next level. For Enterprise plan users, the ability to leverage local presence dialing, voicemail drop and PowerList dialing saves time and energy and increases pickup rates. This undoubtedly leads to more sales per unit of effort, especially for high-volume outbound callers.

For managers, the ability to do all of these things plus the ability to listen in and assist on live calls made by their reps, makes the Enterprise plan especially useful.

Additional perks of the Enterprise plan include access to a mobile app, deskphone provisioning, customizable call dispositions and dedicated phone support from an account manager.

Take a look at this video for a quick demo of these features:



Top 3 Traits of a Great Sales Dialer

Traits of a Great Sales Dialer

A sales dialer can help you and your sales staff perform at peak efficiency. Staff spend less time dialing and more time on calls which means more sales. But how do you choose a great sales dialer software? Look for these three essential features.

Local Presence Dialing is a feature that enables you to call using phone numbers that have the same area code as potential customers. This is useful because prospects are up to 5 times more likely pick up local calls than long distance phone numbers. Your first impression on the prospect – your caller ID – can make a difference. More connections means more sales. Local Presence Dialing could improve sales by 40%. And it does not require more manual or arduous work as Kixie does this automatically for you with 1 click. You can just toggle the feature on or off […]

Potential Customers Ignoring Your Sales Calls? 5 Things You Can Do About It…

This article was originally written in Oct. 2016 and was updated in Jan. 2017.

Here are 5 excellent ways to increase your connect rates with prospects:

1) Use automatic Local Presence Dialing.

Local Presence Dialing is an excellent way to increase your connect rate with prospects. The logic is simple: a local number displaying on caller ID equals trust and credibility which equals higher pickup rates. Talk about a feature that pays for itself!

When you make sales calls with Kixie, you can turn on local presence dialing. The appropriate local number will display on their outbound caller ID automatically.

You can also try local presence dialing selectively. For example, if you have been using your regular number to call a certain prospect and you suspect they have been screening your calls, then you can turn on Local Presence Dialing to show up as a different, local number— and see if they pick up!

2) […]

Introducing the First CRM-Integrated Power Dialer!

Kixie is proud to announce the industry’s first CRM-integrated auto-dialer, the Kixie PowerList Dialer, now available on our Enterprise Plan.

With a simple right-click, you can now upload a selected list of contacts from your CRM into Kixie’s power dialer, press go, and it will start calling right down the list! Combined with Kixie’s automatic call logging, this is truly a revolutionary tool. Below is a quick snapshot as well as a more detailed video tutorial.


Kixie works with the following CRMs:

…..and more!

Click here to start a free 7-day trial of Kixie in under 3 minutes, no CC required.

Already a customer, but not on the Enterprise Plan to access the PowerDialer? Contact and we will upgrade you!

Zoho CRM Sales Phone Service Integration | Kixie

Kixie is a Zoho CRM sales phone service that offers a seamless 2-way integration with Zoho. If your sales team already uses Zoho CRM or plans to, then they will instantly increase productivity with our sales productivity software and phone service.  Your sales reps can now make calls all over the world in under 5 minutes with simply a headset and computer.

1. Zoho 1-click PowerCall dialing 
Kixie offer 1-click calling to anywhere in the world right out of Zoho. Kixie PowerCall allows Zoho customers to rapidly call customers in Zoho and pull up Zoho customer profiles on incoming and outgoing calls.


2. Call disposition logging and tracking 
Kixie allows customizable call dispositions to push into Zoho CRM. Arm your sales team with better sales metrics and improve your sales funnel. Quickly log notes and track your team metrics inside on Kixie’s leaderboard view.

3. Automated call logging and recordings inside of Zoho CRM
Automatically log every call inside of […]

Contactually CRM Phone Service | Kixie

Kixie is a phone service that perfectly integrates all your phone calls with Contactually. With Kixie, your reps can call up Contactually contacts in one click, and automatically sync all incoming and outgoing call activities with recordings inside of the contacts! Our automatically-updating Missed Call and New Phone leads buckets also help you stay on top of your most important phone calls. And in addition to making the Insights section of Contactually come alive, Kixie’s robust reporting dashboard is the perfect tool for Contactually sales managers looking to take their call data analytics to the next level.

The best part: all it takes is literally one click of a button and Kixie will start working its magic inside Contactually. No complex setup required. Just download the Kixie app, pick a number, invite your reps to join you, and now everyone’s phone calls are fully-integrated with Contactually and you have access to call data reporting for your team. And fear not: you can keep your […]